CBSE Pattern, Member Of QCFI, UNESCO Associated School

Affiliated to CBSE - Reg.Number:1930502

Affiliation Period Upto - 2022


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Residential life is an activity filled learning at Bharat International School. Students enjoy every part of Hostel   life. They get up early in the morning, after jogging and daily routines they have their breakfast and move to   school. With the learning experiences and yummy lunch in the school they return to the hostel and after a short   break move on for tuitions given by expert teachers. In evening hours they spend time playing, enjoying   activities, having fun and recreation under the guidance of well qualified staff under the supervision of Warden.   The day ends up with dinner followed by self-studies and prayer. Students enjoy celebrating various occasions   in their hostel. Whether it be Hostel night, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navratri, Dipawali or New year, Students of hostel   make it a memorable event. School also arranges for the educational and recreational trips for them.

Life in the boarding house is designed to be a joyful experience of living together, an opportunity to excel in   learning and to develop a disciplined way of life. The school offers to students the very best that the world of   education can provide. The school does really prepare the children for the opportunities and challenges of the   21st century. These hostels are operated in a homely environment and they are designed as homes, not   hostels.

Within the houses, accommodation is comfortable and adequate. Students share a room and each has a cupboard, work-area and bed allocated to him. Students within each room rapidly become firm friends and are eager to offer support to each other. 
Our hostel system is built to allow students to meet with groups and form friendship across the year- so that we can build a more integrated, family structure. The system also allows students to take greater responsibility.

The school has an environment friendly generator, which ensures that the electricity supply to the school is uninterrupted. This means that our air-cooling systems and other electrical gadgets, fixtures remain constantly on.

The Warden and tutors take care of the children with absolute devotion and love. They care about the overall development of each and every child.

There is never a dull moment in Bharat International School. The students are either busy with their studies or actively involved in co-curricular activities or sports. Every aspect of a student's need is taken care at Bharat. There are quite a lot of leisure time activities that they can pursue like; some indoor and outdoor sports, reading, Recreation lounge, Internet and so on.

Students with low academic competencies are provided with the remedial classes. The students unwind with movie shows during weekends that are carefully selected by the film committee.

Emergency first-aid is provided in case of any accident and the child is rushed to a hospital if the situation so worsens. In case the child is not feeling well, the teacher or the house parents takes them to the doctor.

Students exhibit their talent in mono acting, singing, dancing, acting etc. The dorm nights are organized by the students themselves under the guidance of warden. Thus they learn to take up responsibility of organizing events in a disciplined and orderly manner.